2 planes collide at the Northwest AirportYou may have seen this one on the news last week. Last week 2 planes collided at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, TX. The white plane was attempting to land while the red plane was taking off. The white plane landed on the red one. No one was injured in collision.

I used to attend Justin Elementary in the Northwest ISD and my mom was an administrator for school district. I can remember hearing Mr. Wilson who was the school superintendent talk about the woman who ran the airport. Apparently, the woman was an interesting character and an aviation pioneer. She had traveled quite a bit and had a large collection of pictures of aviation pioneers. Mr. Wilson speculated that the woman might have really been Ameila Earhart. As for the validity of his theory; who knows but it made great stories for a kid.

The Northwest ISD is located between Ft Worth and Denton. Mr. Wilson also believed that by the 1980’s that area would experience a lot of growth. Many people just laughed at him. He missed the decade. Today it is the fastest growing school district and one of the better paying districts in Texas. It serves 14 communities and includes 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 1 high school. It has grown from its origins as a rural district serving the towns of Justin, Roanoke, Rhome and Haslet. That area is home to Alliance airport and Texas Motor Speedway. For the record Texas Motor Speedway is located in Ft. Worth not Dallas.

2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Truett Wilson was truly a visionary. He looked like a “country hick” dressed in a business suit; however, he was brilliant, a planner, a gentleman, and a progressive educator who left no stone unturned to advance progress in the education of students in the district.


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