What is Your Learning Style.

That is a very good question, I'm glad you asked. Maybe you didn't ask but Plinky did. Part of my specialization as an educator has included learning styles. The average teacher is either an auditory or visual learner who prefers highly structured formal educational settings. My learning preferences are the opposite. Guess I'm certainly not … Continue reading What is Your Learning Style.

Aspergers and the Media

One of the TV show's I watch regularly is NBC's Parenthood. Parenthood follows the challenges and daily lives of  Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) &  Camile Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) Braverman and their adult children.  One of on-going story-lines revolves around Adam (Peter Kraus) & wife Kristina (Monica Potter) and the challenges they face raising Max (Max … Continue reading Aspergers and the Media

Hidden Disabilities

What is the most common “disability” found in children? According to the Florida Department of Education 43% off students with disabilities have a learning disability. What is a learning disability or learning difference? It is a neurological problem that interferes with or hinders learning. Dyslexia and related Dys are the most common learning disabilities. What … Continue reading Hidden Disabilities

Heart of the Team

  Check out this inspiring clip from Sports Illustrated Underdog. This episode features Ispheming High School in Michigan. The episode features 19-year-old Eric Dompierre's, place kicker, struggle to be allowed to play football his senior. Dompierre has Down's Syndrome and was held back several years in his early school days.  As a result he was … Continue reading Heart of the Team

Disabilities: My Story

This is the 2nd installment in a series on disabilities. It has taken much longer to write this than I intended. I guess because it is my story and personal. One of the reason's I write about disabilities is because I have several learning disabilities. One of the most frustrating things about learning disabilities is … Continue reading Disabilities: My Story

Inexcusable School Behavior

On December 14, Sandra Baker of Harrodsburg, KY was shocked when she arrived at Mercer County Intermediate School to pick up her son Christopher.  It is not uncommon for the school to call Baker when  9-year-old Christopher, who has autism and ADHD, becomes unmanageable. What made that day different was a large green duffel bag … Continue reading Inexcusable School Behavior

Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month

I originally wrote this for another education site. I have adapted it for TDZ. The month of October is Disability Awareness Month. The archives already have several articles pertaining to learning disabilities. Here is a quick overview of some of the resources available on Homeschool Benefits. ADHD(Yes, I know it is not a learning disability … Continue reading Oct: Learning Disability Awareness Month