Check out this inspiring clip from Sports Illustrated Underdog. This episode features Ispheming High School in Michigan. The episode features 19-year-old Eric Dompierre’s, place kicker, struggle to be allowed to play football his senior. Dompierre has Down’s Syndrome and was held back several years in his early school days.  As a result he was ineligible to play his senior year because he turned 19 before September 1st. Dompierre’s dad Dean Dompierre started a campaign to change Michigan High School Athletic Association rule to allow disabled players who had aged out to be granted waivers to play.


2 thoughts on “Heart of the Team

  1. Thanks, DZ, for spreading the word about our story. We’re hoping that people in the 26 states that still have rules that unnecessarily exclude kids like Eric from their teams will see the video and be motivated to make a change in their state ( has a map). Here’s a story that the Detroit Free Press did recently that provides more details for those interested: Thanks again, DZ!


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