Saw the following on a church sign:

A KJV-Only Church
Singing Old-Fashioned Hymns.

Every time I drive by that church I cringe when I see it. That sign really bugs me.

Just reading the sign causes questions and doubt to swirl through my head. What if I bring the wrong version of the Bible or wear the wrong thing. Will the people in that church shun me  or welcome me? They might not even let me in the door.The sign is so unfriendly and restrictive  that  would prevent me from e even consider visiting that church. I have never been to that church and I’m not sure if I even know anyone who attends the church. My only knowledge of that church is what I can glean from the sign. So it may be a very nice church full of friendly people.

I just don’t get the King James only thing. Yes, I am aware of the reasons supporting this viewpoint. Many believe the  I am also aware that the Geneva Bible predates the KJV by several years. The Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek not English. The New American Standard and English Standard Version are actually closer original language that other English translation.

The last part of the sign is both sad and amusing. It is sad because my dismissing modern worship they are missing out some well written and inspired worship from composers like Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and many others.  I enjoy both hymns and modern worship so I wouldn’t want to give up hymns either.  What I find amusing is that the group the church belongs to once considered hymns as controversial because they were not from the Bible. It was considered scandalous to sing anything other than Psalms or other scripture.

Maybe a better use of the church sign would be to post a message of encouragement or even better a statement of welcome to all.

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