Another ID10T Award Winner

id10t.jpgI couldn’t sleep the other night and found the ultimate winner for the ID10T Award.

And the Winner is ….!!!

It all started with a simple B&E and then there was the voice message on X-Box live. Earlier this month Jesse McPherson’s home was broken into and the thief made off with his Halo 3 edition X-Box 360, TV set and an old Mac laptop. After getting little response from the Philadelphia police department, McPherson decided to investigate the break-in himself. He contacted the closest pawn shop and someone had tried to sale a Mac. Since the guy didn’t have the correct power cord, the battery was dead and the screen had issues the owner/manager of the pawn shop decided not to buy it. However, McPherson was able to get pictures of this punk and posted them to his blog. McPherson’s co-workers gave him a new X-Box 360 and Halo 3. After restoring his X-Box Live account he received a voice message from someone claiming to have his X-Box. More messages were received offering to exchange the X-Box for cash.

In the mean time McPherson’s blog about the moronic thief becomes very popular on Digg, it has almost 5,000 diggs. Also, over 2,000 Digg users decided to help McPherson, something the Philadelphia PD was unwilling to do. Digg users have gone after the punk. It seems there were actually at least 2 punks involved. According to an update on McPherson’s blogThe ID10T who left the voice message and tried to extort money for the X-Box wasn’t the thief. He bought it from the actual thief for $200. Yep, this kid is a poser. He has been harassed by Digg users and others and is scared. He has good reason to be scared. His name, picture, personal information is readily available on the Internet. I googled the phrase “XBox Moron” and the 1st item is a page with his personal info complete with pictures about the only thing it doesn’t have is his shoe size. This kid is going to have a bad day when he heads back to school, which by the way is also posted as well. Ok, that is if he actually attends school.

Lesson: If you are going to use stolen property to extort money from the original owner don’t use an account that contains personal information like your name, address, email address, credit card, etc.


  1. ENM,

    He really was. You should read some of the stuff they did to him. At least yesterday his picture was up along with his name, address, parent’s name & even info about his girlfriend.


    Glad you like it. I’m thinking about making this a regular feature. You are open to make nominations.

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