Warning: Post contains lots of pictures.

I recently got a new camera so we have taken our camera along on walks. Today’s installment features scenes from around Gainesville, Florida.

Mural at Sun Plaza

Mural inside the Sun Plaza in downtown Gainesville.

Fountain at the Sun Plaza

Fountain at the Sun Plaza.  I think the water drops are very cool.

Horses head on fence post.

Rail at Harry’s restaurant downtown.

Funky tree

Tree in front of our condo.

Plam tree

Just thought the tree looked cool.

4 thoughts on “Around Town Part 3: Scenes From Gainesville

  1. ENM,

    TY. I did take about 8 yrs of art lessons growing up. However, I only got to take one photography. It was determined that because of my dysgraphia I was unable to use camera. All my pictures were blurry. Think it was the camera. Once I got a 35 mm and could use a higher speed film I did pretty good.


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