Know & Tell Friday

My New Friday Meme... Question 1: What can you draw well? Well, I have won awards for pastels (wildflowers), water (flowers), pencil drawing (humming bird), acrylic (mountain scene). I always enjoy drawing animals. However, most of my artwork now is digital.

Question 2: Name a TV show (at any period in your life) that you watched that you were probably a little too old to watch. Veggie Tales and Disney Movies, but I guess those really aren’t TV Shows.

Question 3: What color is the dominant color of your wardrobe? For pants, skirts and shorts: blue/denim, black and khaki; For tops: blues and purples.

Question 4: Favorite donut? I don’t like most donuts. Worked in a donut shop in college, however I will on occasion eat a blueberry cake or Krispy Kreme Original.

Question 5: Wear painful shoes just because they are cute? Not really. My preferred brands shoes are Timberlands, Crocs, Clarke’s and Doc Martins. Of course since moving to Florida I wear some form of sandal most of the time.

Bonus Questions

Question 6: Is there anything that you believe you do not believe God about? Not really, however there are some things I don’t understand or can’t figure out.

Question 7: In general, do you think it is ok to be frustrated with people? Frustration is a feeling. Feelings in and of themselves are neither good nor bad. Rather it is our response, reaction or what we do with feelings that can be the problem.

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  1. I can’t draw a straight line either. My mom put me in art lessons in effort to help my dysgraphia & dyslexia. When I try to write sometimes it feels like I’m trying to write in mud or cement. However, when I draw it uses a different set of muscles and a part of my brain. It is like a switch has been flipped in my brain & movement becomes fluid.

  2. Annie,

    Thank you.


    At the time I didn’t consider it a blessing to be forced to work in different mediums. I prefer pastels, water colors, pen, pencil because they are quicker. Guess it is an ADHD thing. Now I understand why I needed to learn different types of mediums.


    Thanks. It took me a long time to figure out that my feelings weren’t a sin but how I responded.


    Do you still eat donuts?


  3. Your answer to the last question was pretty much the same as mine, only you were a lot more concise. 😀 I love Krispy Kreme! I can barely draw stick figures — I admire anyone with talent in that area.

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