Sky Watch Friday: Carnegie Public Library Bryan

Andrew Carnegie believed in the value of self-education and made offer to build a library for any city in the U.S. that would agree to provide a budget equal to one tenth of the construction grant annually to maintain the  library. In 1902, a representative for  the Mutual Improvement Club leaders contacted  Carnegie.  The city … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Carnegie Public Library Bryan

Review: Sirius Cruises

My favorite thing we did on our trip to the Florida Keys was to take a sunset cruise on the Sirius. The Sirius is operated by Ocean Sailing, Inc and skippered by Captain Dale Kamerzel (owner/operator). The Sirius is a 36 foot, Coast Guard inspected wind-powered catamaran.  The Sirius sails nightly from the the Marathon … Continue reading Review: Sirius Cruises

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Location: Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park, Gainesville, FL Found this bit of history about Devil’s Millhopper on the park website. Devil’s Millhopper gets its unique name from its funnel-like shape. During the 1880’s, farmers used to grind grain in gristmills. On the top of the mill was a funnel-shaped container called a “hopper” that held … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Best Road Trip

The Big Guy and I enjoying traveling and many of our trips have been road trips. There are so many candidates for best road the trip down part of the historic Route 66, driving across Pennsylvania with friends, the many cross-country trips home but one of my favorites is a trip we took to the … Continue reading Best Road Trip

Sky Watch Friday: Carnegie Public Library Bryan, Texas

Each year we take a trip back to Texas for Christmas. Usually we stay with family and friends. However this year we ended up staying in a hotel when we visited The Big Guy's hometown of Bryan, Texas.  Used Hotwire to book our hotel and were pleasantly surprised by the hotel.  We stayed at the … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Carnegie Public Library Bryan, Texas