Recent events have caused me to be introspective and examine my life. Many things certainly have not gone according to my plans. Some have been pleasant surprises, while others have been disappointments. While I was pondering how life doesn't always work out according to my plans I realized, that is the problem. I should be … Continue reading Plans


Unless you have been hiding under a rock I'm sure by now you are aware of Michael Jackson's death. There has been a lot of coverage of fan reaction. One that I find troubling was a comment made by a young Japanese lady who came to Los Angles for the funeral. Michael Jackson is my … Continue reading Purpose

What’s the Point?

Recently there as been a lot of news coverage about Nadya Suleman aka the "Octomom".  What is her motivation? Why keep having so many kid when she can barely support the ones she has? One interviewer addressed those questions.  Her response was essentially that she was trying to fill a void in her life. Apparently … Continue reading What’s the Point?