Dromedary Camel

The camel has to be one of the most odd-looking creatures. It is a rather tough creature native to some of the world’s most harsh habitats. The camel is capable of eating just about anything rope to cactus. It will even eat grass right down to the stubble.  The Dromedary Camel’s single hump is full of about 80 pounds of fat that acts as an emergency fuel supply when food is not available.  It go days without water and when water is available can drink 20+ gallons in a matter of minutes. Like humans a camel’s blood contains about 94% water.  Due to the elongated shape of blood cells a camel can lose up to 40% of the water and still be healthy. At only 5% loss of water humans will go blind.  The camel’s nose has tiny membranes that act as a self-cooling system that both cools its body and re-hydrates its blood. Oh, the camel’s amazing nose is also equipped with special muscles that allow them to close and still be able to breathe during sandstorms.  The shape of its hooves and structure of its feet provide traction and keep it from sinking when walking through the desert sand. The camel’s eyelashes act as a shield over its eyes to keep the sand out. The camel also comes equipped with tough knee pads that make it possible for it to get up and down without damaging its knees. God created the camel to be able not only survive but thrive in its harsh environment. The camel was created for a purpose. To provide transportation in a harsh environment. Just like the camel we are created for a purpose and equipped for that purpose.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

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