Aspergers and the Media

One of the TV show's I watch regularly is NBC's Parenthood. Parenthood follows the challenges and daily lives of  Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) &  Camile Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) Braverman and their adult children.  One of on-going story-lines revolves around Adam (Peter Kraus) & wife Kristina (Monica Potter) and the challenges they face raising Max (Max … Continue reading Aspergers and the Media

Choosing Courses for High School

There are core classes that are required for all high school students. Many schools offer more than one level of diploma. It is a good idea to take classes on the advanced or college prep classes. Taking AP or dual credit classes in high school and middle school has several advantages. From a practical standpoint … Continue reading Choosing Courses for High School

ID10T: Public School Edition

Earlier this month officials in two New York Public Schools exhibited total lack of common sense when administering punishment to two students. First, officials at Junior High 190 in Queens decided that the behavior of Alexa Gonzalez was drastic enough to call the police. Alexa was led from school in handcuffs. You may be wondering … Continue reading ID10T: Public School Edition

Top 10: Things My Students Have Said or Done

After teaching for over 10 years I have quite a collection of humorous things my students have said or done. Thought I would share a few of my favorites. All names or other identifying information has been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. #10 From a college history class: New England is … Continue reading Top 10: Things My Students Have Said or Done