TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

Originally posted February 24, 2008. Sunday I wrote about my Top 10: Favorite Foods. Number #5 barbecue has created a little bit of discussion. So, I have decided to devote an entire post to it. While I do not claim to be a barbecue expert I am from Texas and that is about the same … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: What is Barbecue?

Grilled Pork Chops with Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

pork chops coarse ground black pepper garlic powder coarse ground sea salt cayenne powder olive oil Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce Mix seasonings in a small bowl. Next pour about 2-3 TBS olive oil into a bowl. Get a large piece of plastic wrap or foil. You need enough to completely wrap up the chops. Lay … Continue reading Grilled Pork Chops with Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Review: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

4 Rivers Smokehouse is small central Florida chain that has recently moved into Gainesville, Florida.  The 4 Rivers website describes themselves as a sophisticated Texas-style smokehouse. I think I would describe them as trendy. Sophisticated just doesn't fit with BBQ.  We have tried several BBQ places in Florida claiming to be "Texas-style" and 4 Rivers … Continue reading Review: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Review: Bacon’s BBQ

We first tried Bacon's BBQ and Catering in La Crosse, Florida a few months ago and were impressed. They have pretty good BBQ especially for Florida. Our first time there we decided to try the chop brisket sandwiches. It was a pretty good chopped brisket could be a little more tender. On our second visit … Continue reading Review: Bacon’s BBQ

Review: Kickin’ Ash BBQ

This summer we spent a lot of time on the road. One of the places we stumbled upon was Kickin' Ash BBQ in Montgomery, Texas. It was really an accident that we found Kickin' Ash, we were so lost in the Piney Woods of East Texas that even our GPS didn't know our location. One … Continue reading Review: Kickin’ Ash BBQ

Repost: What is Barbecue?

My failed trip to a new restaurant claiming to be a barbecue joint inspired me to repost this. It seems this so-called BBQ place only served ribs, pulled pork and ham. It is appalling and should be illegal to call one's-self a barbecue restaurant and not even attempt to serve real BBQ. Originally posted  February … Continue reading Repost: What is Barbecue?

America’s Best Barbecue(?)

This past Sunday Good Morning America unveiled the winner of its search for America's best BBQ.  The results were actually interesting. It all started in April with a call for viewers to submit nominations.  From there the final 4 were selected. So, the entire process was obviously less than scientific. All four were judged on … Continue reading America’s Best Barbecue(?)