Pretty good chopped brisket for Florida
Pretty good chopped brisket for Florida

We first tried Bacon’s BBQ and Catering in La Crosse, Florida
a few months ago and were impressed. They have pretty good BBQ especially for Florida.

Our first time there we decided to try the chop brisket sandwiches. It was a pretty good chopped brisket could be a little more tender. On our second visit we tried the chicken sandwiches. We were both pleasantly surprised. It was outstanding.

The sandwiches come with two sides instead of the usual one side. They have a very good mac and cheese. It has nice buttery and creamy taste. We also tried the sweet potato fries, fried okra and green beans. Bacon’s features a selection of vintage sodas.


Big Guy Approved
Big Guy Approved

Food: Very good. Pretty good chopped brisket. The mac and cheese is awesome.

Selection: Excellent. They have the usual offerings like brisket, ribs and chicken. They also have several more unique items.

Service: Awesome.

Atmosphere: Nice. It is a walk up place with a nice covered outdoor seating.

Allergy Rating: Good. They do not have an allergy menu but the staff is helpful. However for my allergies BBQ places are usually fairly safe.

Overall: Very good. It is worth the drive to La Crosse.

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