Nov 8th

I've tried to come up with something witty or at least wise for today's election. I just can't. There is very little humor in this year's election. The only wisdom I have is pray, vote and pray.  Then when the election is over be respectful, prayerful and polite.  We don't need more controversy in our … Continue reading Nov 8th

If Hillary Wins, I Think I’ll Move to Australia

Well, it is primary season and The Big Guy says I should write about something about the presidential election again.  This is my second, posting about the election (See 2008 Presidential Election). After watching the coverage of the New Hampshire The Big Guy and I were discussing which candidate(s) I don’t want to win and the whole … Continue reading If Hillary Wins, I Think I’ll Move to Australia

2008 Presidential Election

Well, I have decided to write about my views on the 2008 Presidential election. It is important to become an informed voter. Now is the time to do research and decide which candidate you support or maybe dislike the least.  Below is a list of the candidates with a link to the official website for … Continue reading 2008 Presidential Election