If you haven’t already voted be sure to vote tomorrow. Tomorrow’s election is one of the most important in our country’s history. There are many issues facing our country today and our country needs a leader who is able to make some tough decisions.  We need a leader who is elected based on their qualfications and not party lines. It is time to put away petty differances and vote for a leader who will do what is best for our country. Do not vote for a candidate because you want to make history. Either our country will elect the first black president or the first female vice president so no matter how you vote it will be a first.

If the candidate you vote for doesn’t win please do not be a whiner.  Do not threaten lawsuits, impeachments or claim they are not your president. Grow up and get over it. Part of the democratic process is all quailified voters get a voice and in the end the majority wins. Someone will be a loser and someone will be a winner. Our coutnry’s form of goverment doesn’t ensure that you will win only that you will get a voice.

Go vote!

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