July is birthday month for TheDeeZone.  This version of TDZ started in July 2007.  I have been blogging in some form since 1996. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 20 yrs. Back then it was called blogging but that’s what I did.

So in honor of TDZ’s birthday for the remainder of July or until I get bored, whichever comes first. Since I have ADHD it will probably be the latter. I’ve decided to re-post some of my favorites from the past eight years.

Well on with the show.

Basic Cat Care Tips and Other Rantings

pets.jpgOriginally Posted July 5, 2007.

Buy a dog! A dog is a loyal pet. A cat thinks you are its loyal subject.

This short but humorous blog was originally posted on Helium.com. In its prematurely short life this little blog climbed to the top of the ratings. Obviously, other readers recognized and enjoyed the intended humor. Alas, one day it began to sink in the ratings until it was number 17 of 18. Yes, there was a serious post rated even lower. Then one tragic day its life was cut short and it was deleted.

Suddenly a mystery revolved around the disappearing blog. What caused this sweet little blog to be cut short in the prime of its life? Maybe the owner of the #18 blog acted out in despair and pleaded with the authorities to remove the little blog. Or maybe it was a conspiracy by the cat lobby to oppress dog lovers everywhere? Unfortunately we will never know for sure about why such a sweet little harmless blog was singled out for destruction.

This mystery has led me to the following conclusions. Lighten-up folks and learn to recognize a joke. Raise the bar of writing standards and remove the truly deserving offenders. You know the ones, the blogs that fail to follow even the most basic rules of grammar. Or the even more loathsome offenders WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS.

Oh, yeah one more thing . …



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