Oklahoma teen Christian Lunsford may be just 15-years-old but his actions last month demonstrates wisdom beyond his years.  Christian was watching local news when he saw a piece about 78-year-old Tona Herndon who was mugged after putting flowers on her husband’s grave in the Bethany Cemetery. Christian recognized the suspect as his father, a career criminal. Christian’s parents divorced when he was a toddler and his father has been in and out of jail several times. Christian believed that the $250 his father gave him for a band trip might have been some of the money taken in the mugging.  Christian arranged to meet Mrs. Herndon in the parking lot of his church to make amends for his father’s misdeeds.  To his surprise Mrs. Herndon returned the money to Christian to use for the band trip. (Watch the video from CBS News.)

Christian felt that someone needed to make things right with Mrs. Herndon. He also felt the money should be returned since it was probably gained through illegal channels. Christian didn’t have to make things right. He wasn’t involved in the incident. If he wasn’t comfortable with taking the money he could have given it away, donated it to charity, or simply just mailed the money back to Mrs. Herndon. Any of those actions would have been easier and spared Christian from any further embarrassment he might have over his fathers actions. Christian didn’t stop with the easy way or what would have made him feel comfortable. Instead he chose to do the right thing. It is often hard to do the right or responsible thing. Christian was motivated by compassion for the victim.  I doubt he expect any tangible rewards for his actions either.


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