Pinterest has become my source for new recipes. Yes, I actually try many of the recipes I pin. Today, I’m sharing a few of our favorites.

#10: Best Broccoli — Quick easy and quite tasty.

Source: Amateur Gourmet
Source: Amateur Gourmet

#9: Pineapple with Lime Coconut —  A yummy and somewhat healthy dessert. Sorry don’t have a picture for this one.

#8: Pretzel Bites — Made this for game night at the church and they were a hit. Next time I will double the recipe.

Source: Dine and Dish
Source: Dine and Dish

#7: Pistachio Fudge — Ok I didn’t find this one a friend did and made it for us. It is quite yummy.

Source: Recipe Gold Mine

#6: Chicken Gyros & Whole Wheat Pitas — Another hit from Annie’s Eats.

Source: Annie’s Eats

#5: Crash Hot Potatoes — Found this yummy Australian dish on The Pioneer Woman’s website.

Source: The Pioneer Woman
Source: The Pioneer Woman

#4: Grilled Baked Apples — Super easy and yummy. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this one.

bakes apples

#3: Hasselback Potatoes — Hasselback Potatoes are a Swedish verision of baked potatoes. They are quite yummy.

Source: SeaSaltWithFood

#2: Beef Fajitas — The Pioneer Woman’s Beef Fajitas were a big hit. I’ve found that the Big Guy likes most things from her website.

Source: The Pioneer Woman

#1 Steak Bites – Another find from the Pioneer Woman

steak bites

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