Source: KXAN News; Photo’ Kerri West

Please pray for those in the Bastrop area that have been affected by wild fires. It has burned more than 44,000 and destroyed more than 600 homes.

Many parts of Texas have not received significant rainfall in over a year.  This has been a very bad year for wild fires in Texas.

11 thoughts on “Texas Wildfires

  1. Will do. He’s a random volunteer fireman at Elgin VFD(fairly close to Bastrop if you’re not familiar with the area, but slightly closer to Austin really.) He just lifted it off Facebook from what I can tell by the quality. It has gone viral on there partly due to that perhaps – the most frequently circulated image on both Facebook and the rest of the net has had my watermark manually cropped out. (I can see objects in the image that are gone)

    He got pretty angry when I caught him, and decided to post some harassment on my Flickr page as well, claiming to be another person from Elgin. He assumed I was a photojournalist from somewhere else, profiting from the disaster… in reality I’m a local that grew up in the Bastrop area, I am not selling the image, and I was just going out there to make sure my parents’ house was ok! Grabbing my camera was an afterthought for ‘just in case’ I saw something spectacular. Even when I took the photo, I assumed there would be hundreds like it on the internet – a lot of people were stopping to take photos with all kinds of cameras. (Novice to expert level.)


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