This is a rather fitting topic for this week. I’ve had problems with allergies/sinus this week. One of the negatives of living in a state where things stay green most of the year and everything is in bloom this time of year is that allergies during pollen season are going to be a big problem. I’ve decided that the seasons in Florida should be rainy season (spring to late fall), pollen season (spring), tourist season (summer) and snow bird season. Anyway, I’ve had problems with allergies since this weekend. I took some medicine Monday night but just didn’t’ sleep well. In fact it was more like a series of mini-naps. I woke up every hour from 11:30 on and The Big Guy had to get up an hour earlier this week. So it was a rough day.

Having problems sleeping isn’t abnormal for me as my tag line indicates I have ADHD. In my opinion one of the worst things associated with ADHD is sleep difficulties. It is hard to go to sleep. First, I have to get still long enough to go to sleep. Even when I get my body still it is hard to turn off my brain. It seems that my ADHD brain is always stuck in on or hyper-drive position. Once I get to still then the thoughts begin pouring through my brain. It might be about a blog post, recipe or something I was working on earlier. It really doesn’t matter because it can be very frustrating.

2 thoughts on “What Keep’s You Up At Night?

  1. When I get into rhythms of poor sleep, I’ve found two things that are effective for me:

    1. Valerian (herb that tastes like dirt…even when in a capsule.)
    2. A “Medical Hypnosis for Sleep” download from Dr. Daniel Amen.


    1. I’ve tried hypnosis. It doesn’t work. I did sleep at total of 6 hrs last night. 4 at one time. I think this time the sinus meds were messing with me.


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