It seems like some days on my way home from work I get behind someone who believes that driving 15-20 miles below the speed limit makes them a safer driver.  Yesterday, Miss Pokey-Car got in front of me and insisted on driving between 30-40 in a 55 mph zone for over 20 miles. Little Miss Pokey-Car even put on her brakes and almost came to a complete stop to creep over three sets of those pavement grates intended to get you to slow down.  After the first one she was only going 5 mph was it necessary to slow down any more.  Oh, yes did I mention that every time I could pass she would speed up or move over so I couldn’t get around her.

Other days I encounter the other extreme. There is the driver of the light gray Lexus that nearly runs me off the road every morning. This driver is unable to understand that if the car in front of them is going slow because of a car or cars in front of them passing and/or tailgating will not help. The Lexus apparently doesn’t have brakes because when the driver approaches a slower moving car he/she immediately first tries to pass on the right and then the left. If there is any opening even if it is only big enough for a gnat he/she will zip in and around any cars. One morning as I was waiting to make a left turn into work. Lexus dude decide that it was imperative that he pass my car and the two cars in front of me on the left.  Oh, did I mention there was an oncoming car in that lane. I guess owning an expensive car gives one invincibility or something.

Then there was the day I was run off the road by some dude in a white Escalade that must have been texting. He started on on the opposite shoulder (my left) and kept drifting into my lane. I’m sure he was going at least 65. He never even stopped or slowed down. My guess was Mr. Fancy SUV never even  saw me.

In case you are wondering there is a point to my rant. Remember you are not the only driver on the road.

6 thoughts on “Road Rant

  1. Get out of your car and take the bus/train. It’s not a God given right to have transportation for upwards of six people at your daily disposal regardless of how fast or slow you drive.

    That’s my “rant” for the day 🙂


    1. Well, your suggestion is based on the assumption that everyone has public transportation as an option. Like many public transportation is not available for my commute. I do not think it is a right I think it is a necessity.


    2. In response to your reply, perhaps a little “food for thought” rather than any attempt at a raging debate.

      -> If there’s a lack of public transit in your area I suspect it’s for a reason:

      1. You live in the extreme suburbs of America where driving a car is considered a right, perhaps even “God given” as a result of cheep fuel prices. This attitude results in the development of related infrastructure such as 8 lane highways rather than trains or buses. It’s a slippery slope that is quite self justifying and I suspect all about to painfully change in the next few years as I suspect another, permanent energy crunch appears to be on the horizon.

      2. Like all change, the first steps are never easy. Have you actually looked at your transportation alternatives? Did you look into car pooling or even investigating how far you actually have to go to where public transit starts so that you could piece together an alternative solution?

      It’s certainly not going to be as easy as walking out to your car and driving directly to your office. I dare say in the long run it might be less stressful as you get a chance to read a book or something really crazy like have a conversation with a fellow human being that doesn’t consist of rude hand gestures.

      Of course, we’re all creatures of the path of least resistance. It’s often hard to see beyond the connivance of daily life. I simply encourage you to consider the bigger picture now while you have a choice rather than later when you might be forced to.

      Life is about choices including choosing to live where you’re forced to drive everywhere. It doesn’t have to be “necessity” to drive if you make choices that take this into consideration. I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound like I’m “preaching”, I’ll stop here.


  2. If you knew the facts or had read the entire post you would realize how arrogant and clueless you sound. Debate… Well, that would be amusing. However, first you might want to do some research before making assumptions that make you sound arrogant and uninformed.

    Have you ever even been to the U.S.? Public transportation is simply not available in some areas.


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