Top 10I’m taking an instructional technology class this semester so I’ve been thinking about techy stuff this week.  Oh, the Big Guy is taking the same class so things are more nerdy around our house than usual. In the process I begin thinking of my favorite practical applications of technology.

#10:  Cruise Control – This may sound silly but as much as I drive I really have come to appreciate the cruise control.

#9: DVR — I like being able to decide when I watch a program and not being stuck to a schedule.

#8: DVDs — I enjoy movies but really prefer to watch them at home rather than go to a theater.

#7: Espresso machines — Ok, technically it is a form of technology. It is a machine that makes life easier.

#6: The microwave — Do I really need to say more.

#5:  Cellphones — It is especially helpful for someone like me who gets lost a lot.

#4:  The Internet — If the internet didn’t exist you wouldn’t be reading this version of The Dee Zone or the older GeoCities version of it either.

#3: iPod — I have always preferred listening to my own music selection than a radio. Even as a young child I had my own portable tape player. It was a hand-me-down from my dad and it was probably one of my favorite “toys”. When the stop button was pushed the play button would fly off. Yes, I was easily amused. I enjoyed being able to lug a handful of tapes around and still like having my own selection of tunes.

#2: Digital Camera – I rarely go anywhere without my camera and not just the one on my phone. Photography has been my favorite hobby for several years now.

#1: Laptops and other portable computing devices.  Besides being a nerd and enjoy finding new uses (i.e. playing with my computer) the computer is also a survival tool.  I am severely dysgraphic, to the point that handwritten communication is a tedious and painful task.  I’m half the time I can’t read my own writing.  Due my writing problems I have been labeled stupid, humiliated and belittled. For me a computer levels the playing field.

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