Organizer It can be a challenge for me to stay focused at times. I have ADHD and often find it a struggle to focus on just one thing.

For me to able to actually focus I must first keep still enough to let my brain think. This means I may fidget or doodle. This sometimes causes people to think I’m not listening. This caused a lot of problems in schools when teachers expected me to sit perfectly still and look at them. I am less likely to listen when I must do that because I’m concentrating on staying still.

Sticking with a task from start to finish is also difficult for me. Sometimes I can complete a task but many times I get distracted. One trick I use is to set a timer for 15, 20, or 30 minutes etc. When the timer goes off I do something else for a while. While not being able to stay on task often caused problems during my school days, it has been a plus in many jobs. There are times that multi-tasking is necessary.

Staying focused in life and remembering what must be done is at time a daunting task. I’m organizationally challenged. One of the tools that I use to keep myself organized is Outlook.

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2 thoughts on “How I Stay Focused

  1. One of the best strategies I learned and eventually taught my staff was to use the daily planner as a way to improve productivity. The challenge I gave was to only set 30 minutes tasks, sometimes 15 minutes, (that includes meetings) and then force yourself to live by that constraint. After that discipline was instilled then we would focus on completing as much as possible in the time constraint. Lots of measuring, lots of reviewing of outcomes, but each person grew in productivity because of it.

    Great post. Good luck on your Post a Week goal.


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