Hmm… a month without the internet… could I make? That would be a tough one. It would probably be hard, especially if all forms of internet usage including email, Skpe and instant messaging were included in the ban.

Work usage of email and selected sites would have to be excluded. Email is one of the primary ways I communicate at work and many of the manuals, forms and databases for work are on-line.

My primary personal uses are Facebook, Hulu and blogging. I really don’t just surf the net. While I enjoy designing websites I have never really enjoyed random surfing. Like many I use social sites like Facebook to keep up with friends and family. I certainly would have a hard time giving that up.

So could I give up the internet for a month? Well I guess if I had to but why am I giving it up? What is my motivation? Is it because the Big Guy (my husband) is taking me on a month long excursion to a location that has limited internet and cell phone access? Then yes I probably could give up the internet. If it is just an experiment to see if it is possible then no I probably wouldn’t give it up.

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