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This past Sunday Good Morning America unveiled the winner of its search for America’s best BBQ.  The results were actually interesting. It all started in April with a call for viewers to submit nominations.  From there the final 4 were selected. So, the entire process was obviously less than scientific. All four were judged on ribs and only ribs.  The finalist were Cousin’s Barbeque, in my hometown Ft. Worth, Texas, Woody’s Smoke Shack in Des Moines, Iowa, Archibald’s BBQ in Northport, Alabama, and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syarcuse, New York.  Saturday internet polls opened for voting.

The winner was Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. I am surprised that a restaurant from a state not-known for barbecue won. Although I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Dinosaur. I’ve even had some of their sauce and it was much better than Cousin’s sauce.

However, I am not surprised that Cousin’s didn’t win. I’m still trying to figure out how they got nominated in the first place. They certainly are not the best place in Ft. Worth much less than Texas.  Also, Cousin’s serves Texas style barbecue, so that means beef brisket not ribs, or that awful pulled pork stuff.  The competition didn’t include real BBQCousin’s ribs are ok. Also, GMA went to the Bryant Irvin location while I prefer the original McCart location.

I would like to see a re-match with a better represenative of Texas barbecue. I would suggest my personal favorite Goode Company from Houston. The re-match should feature real beef brisket. After all that seems to be a much harder task than making good ribs or chicken, not sure it is possible to even make good pork.

4 thoughts on “America’s Best Barbecue(?)

  1. I have my doubts about a BBQ restaurant in NY winning the best BBQ award. But, GMA is in NY, so what can we really expect?


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