Bible frontOur church is in a period of transition. As a part of the process we were asked to complete a survey. Most of the survey focused on the type of pastor desired for the church. While pondering my responses I began thinking about the survey, vision for our church, and qualities I want in a pastor.

One of the first things that struck me was maybe I/we are asking the wrong questions. Instead making a list of qualities I/we want in a pastor shouldn’t I focus on what God wants.  It is possible that the leader God has chosen for our church is very different from the one I would pick out. Of course, it is also possible that I am actually being open to God’s leading and not influenced by my own personal biases.

As I was thinking what makes a good pastor I kept thinking of one of our former pastors, Dr. R.  Other than my Granddad he is probably one of the pastors I admire most.  Dr. R is an amazing pastor. He rocks. Ok, well not really because he is actually quite the opposite of anything trendy or cool. Dr. R doesn’t wear funky glasses, untucked shirts, ripped jeans like Rob Bell or even Hawaiian shirts like Rick Warren. Dr. R. was usually one of the only men at church in a suit. He joked that he wore suits, so it was easy for visitors to pick out the pastor.  However, Dr. R has many qualities that make him an amazing pastor. First, his openness to God’s leading. Second, Dr. R is truly a Greek and New Testament scholar.  At least when he was our pastor he did his daily devotions in Greek.  Besides being our pastor, Dr. R was also a Greek and New Testament professor. Dr. R has the ability to communicate clearly with Theology students as well as young children or those who have never been to church before. Our church had two services for a while. The first service was attended by mostly members usually those who worked during the later service or worked with children.  During the service Dr. R’s sermon would be tailored for that audience. The sermon for the second service would be the same but without a lot of “church terms”. I would describe it as more seeker friendly rather than seeker sensitive.  Finally, Dr. R took the time to get to know the members of our church not just those who were influential.

6 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Pastor?

  1. I would love to meet this pastor. He must love Greece and the Greek culture. I wish you to find a pastor like him. To be close to young people and to God.


  2. Don’t feel to bad about filling out the survey. We can safely assume that the Holy Spirit can speak through us, even if we aren’t aware of it. Hopefully, the search committee will go with more than just that survey to set their search parameters. However, since every Christian in your church has the Holy Spirit in them, the Holy Spirit is capable of speaking through you in mass.

    Anywho, most of these surveys turn out the same way. They want a 35 year old preacher with 40 years experience. Must be married, with 3 kids and a dog. One of the kids should be in high school, with one being no more than a toddler. He/she must excel in leading, service, praying, preaching, listening, finances, construction, and a list of other “need to haves.” 🙂



  3. Tim,

    Why should I feel guilty about completing the survey. Actually the results of the survey were nothing like your stereotypical answer. The responses were quite interesting. My answers certainly didn’t reflect that in any way. I think you are way to jaded.

    The point of the post was really about the things I admired in Dr. R.


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