top10Today I would like to share some things while I was blurfing recently.  They are in list format but not necessarily prioritized.

#10:  What is the Church? (Part 2) by Michael Kelly. I know it is the second in a 2 part series but jump in there and follow the link to the first part and the post that sparked the series.

#9: The Bridge Keeper by Steven Bush. Reminder that there are those in need our own communities. What are you doing to reach them?

#8:  Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome by Dr. Galyon at 2 Worlds Collide. A book review/reaction to  Kent Hughes book by the same name.

#7:  Review of Lost and Found by Ed Stezter at SBC Impact.  Just read the review

#6:  Wisdom from a Nursery Rhyme by Quinn at SBC Ghost Recon. Short but insightful post that is a must read.

#5: Forgiving Public Sin by Chuck at Confessions of a Small Church Pastor.  Inspired by recent news coverage of transgressions of two very different public figures.

#4: Heroes by Jimmy at Keeping it Simple. Reflection inspired by the actions of the pilot of the U.S. Airways plane that safely landed in the Hudson River.

#3:  Character or Reputation? By John at PlusLife. This is another one you will just have to read.

#2: The Myth of Self-Esteem by Cathy at Random Cathy. This is for those of us who have struggled with self-esteem.

#1:  A New Approach to Common Controversies by Arlyn at Bethel Fellowship.  Arlyn brings a new perspective to the debate about worship style, attire for church and Bible translations.

Have your own Top 10 list be sure to leave a link?

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