As a child, I enjoyed spending time with my Granddaddy Crain. He was my hero. Even though he died shortly before my 10th birthday, I was able to spend a lot of time with him. During my preschool years, I was able to spend a week with my grandparents every couple of months or so. He always had time for me. I  enjoyed the time we spent together.

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16 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: C is for Granddaddy Crain

  1. I knew your granddaddy. He was a fine man. He grew up with my father as well. Do you still have any of his barbed wire collection?

    My best to you, your husband and your Mom


  2. Pat: TY, I did a tribute to my Granddad Rowland for R last time around. I was forunate to know 3 of my grandparent and 2 great grandparents.

    Karyn: TY

    Lene: Some of my favorite childhood memories involve Granddaddy Crain.

    Rune: Yes,they are. Research has found children who have good relationships with Grandparents do better in school.

    Pernilla: TY, very much.

    Mary: Not sure if I knew your parents but I know my grandparents thought highly of them.

    Ellen: TY, Granddaddy really was a cowboy.


  3. Neva, Memories of grandparents are great.

    Clarcee: TY, Not only was I blessed to have wonderful grandparents I also had several adopted grandparents like Grannie & PawPaw.

    George: TY, no we are not back in Tx yet.


  4. A chauffeur drove your granddaddy to school each day during his senior year in high school–which was 11th grade in 1918-1919.

    His chauffeur had 4 legs, a mane, and tail.

    Blackie navigated the 5 miles each way through snow, sleet, rain, and heat allowing Grandaddy time to study as they traveled.

    The little boy whose mother thought that he had not learned enough to go to second grade had to repeat first grade, but was graduated as valedictorian of his senior class.


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