Nicky was my dog that lived at my grandparent’s house. OK, he actually belonged to my grandparents but I claimed him as my own. My grandparents always spoiled Nicky, just like they spoiled me.Β  He liked for my Granddaddy to feed him peppermints and rock him in the rocking chair. Nicky refused to go out in public without his specially made harness.

While Nicky’s life with my grandparents was pretty sweet it didn’t start out that way. He was a rescue dog my parents got from a shelter one Christmas for my grandparents. They didn’t realize until they got Nicky home and cleaned up that he was a beautiful sable and white part-collie dog with a PINK nose.

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34 thoughts on “N is for Nicky

  1. Awwww! Now I want a dog. πŸ™‚ You asked in your comment what kind of camera I used. It’s a Fujifilm Finepix s8000fd. I hear there in a Canon exactly like it but I don’t know what the model is. I love this camera. It has an 18x zoom lens. I’d like to upgrade to something more professional but I have no complaints about this at all. I can do manual or auto.


  2. I love the old photos. It’s great to think that shots once stowed away in boxes and hardly ever looked at can now be enjoyed by so many.


  3. What a great dog and fine memories…
    I’ve got a cat that I’m kind of fond of too… Spoiled, yes, but it seems to be my duty in life to serve her every whim and laugh at all of her jokes…


  4. ENM, Antigoni & BearNaked: He was very beautiful.

    2Sweetensaxy: I recently upgraded to a Kodak that is more advanced than my last camera. It has a bunch of auto settings plus manual. I want a dog too.

    Rinkly: Old photos are cool.

    Earthlingorgeous: His coat wasn’t as full as a full-blooded collie. I guess he was fluffy. Never thought about that.

    Babooshka & RunE: TY

    Donald K: I’m more of a dog person. Dogs have owners and cats have staff.

    Gemma: He was a sweet dog.


  5. Nicky looks like a beautiful dog! I can see the personality in the picture! So much fun. I am glad your grandparents rescued the dog and it got to be yours (kind of : )


  6. Photowannabe: Nicky was very protective of his humans. He loved my Granddaddy and going to the farm.

    Rebeckah: Yes, he had personality after all he was a member of the family.


  7. The pictcure of Nicky was made with a Kodak box camera.

    Nicky enjoyed tomato juice, cornbread, cake, ham, eggs and anything your granddaddy fed him.

    Nicky’s first collar was a man’s watchband (buckle-on-kind.) He wore a Christmas bow until Granddaddy made his first harness. As Nicky grew and had to have a larger harness, he would hide under a dresser after his old one was removed until his new one was ready to put on.

    Nicky opposed corporal punishment. Once when a friend started to spank his son, Nicky grabbed the adult’s wrist and growled at him.

    Nicky did not like horses because one stepped on his foot when he got too close to the horse.

    A neighbor would always put out food for Nicky each morning. Once he brought the neighbor’s pan with food to share with your FW dog.

    Nicky went to work in the store daily. As a puppy he delighted in climbing on top of a tall stack of tarps, and whining until Granddaddy came to rescue him.


  8. Gerald & Richies: TY

    Ellen: Oh, i use Paintshop Pro & Photo shop neither has that opition. I can make collage but do them by hand.

    Mom: I’ve always heard that Nicky loved horses but Polly didn’t like them because Nicky got stepped on. Nicky & Polly did like each other.


  9. Nicky was a beautiful dog. I remember your grandfather did leather work and I am sure he had nice harnesses. Smiley doesn’t like to be without his collar and tags which L. calls his jewelry. We put a harness on him when we walk so it doesn’t put as much strain on his collapsed trachea.


  10. Dee, this isn’t about this dog, but rather a response to a comment you posted at Rocks in My Dryer about detergent allergies. I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately. Email me — I have the same allergies and have found a wonderful solution I’d be happy to share with you.


  11. beautiful dog! I just read your comment on Shannon’s page about allergies. Have you ever tried making your own? I use borax and laundry soap- it’s sold in a bar form and you can grate it or put it in the food processor… only need to use a cuople tablespoons, depending on load size. Some people use regular bar soap instead- like ivory or whatever works for you.


  12. Good Morning. Nicky is a beautiful dog. Isn’t it always nice to see you’ve received something so beautiful underneath someone else’s filth. How can someone not treat a pup, kitten or other living creature well? At least Nicky was fortunate to find someone to spoil him. Have a nice day. Thanks for your visit to my blog.


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