Today’s SWF is the third installment featuring photos I took at Universal Studios Orlando (that is Florida not California)  during  Rock the Universe in September. All the shots today were taken at Seuss Landing in Islands of Adventure. Universal Studios Orlando is divided into two parks Islands of Adventure and the Studio part.

The Cat in the Hat Ride
If I Ran the Zoo
If I Ran the Zoo play area.

30 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure

  1. Musings: Yes it was a nice day. Orlando is fun. Be sure to plan your trip well before going including park tickets.

    Ivar: TY

    Patricia: I’ve only seen the old cartoon version of the film.

    Babooshka: TY, I’ve been trying to come up with unique shots.


  2. This comment is in response to your comment on Rocks in my dryer about your laundry detergent allergy.

    We make our own laundry soap. I use to make it liquid soap, but it’s so much easier to leave it in powder form.

    This is how I do it.

    I buy bar soap, whatever kind suits you. Blend it in my food processor until it is as fine as I want it. Stir in the other ingredients and it’s ready to go.

    the recipe is:
    2 bars soap
    1 cup borax
    1 cup washing soda

    I usually double it, then just store it in a plastic container and use about 2 tablespoons in each load. It takes us 10 minutes or so to put a batch together. So easy! (when I made it “liquid soap” it took much longer because you have to melt the soap down and keep stirring periodically for like 24 hours while it cools and store it in a 5 gallon bucket. It ended up being a dreaded chore. Now it’s no trouble at all.) I’ve been making my own for just over a year and a half and we love it. Our clothes come out clean and fresh.

    I hope this works for you. If you google something about making your own laundry soap you may find other, similar solutions.


  3. The Cat In the Hat picture transported me back to the time I read the story to our two daughters and now to our grandson.
    Thank you for reviving the memory. Lovely pictures with lots to take notice of. Thank too for your visit and comments SWF. Have a good week.


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