I’ve seen this car several times when I pick the Big Guy up. It makes me do a double take every time I see it. This time I decided to take a picture of it and post it.    I’ve removed all identifying info like make and license plate so that is bad editing not a bad paint job. Can you spot what just is out-of-place with the car?

Did you figure it out?











The car is sporting a Longhorn mascot of University of Texas but it is Texas A&M maroon. Oh, BTW, I’m currently wearing my A&M shirt as I type this.


6 thoughts on “Hmm …

  1. Football fan?

    I’m a 49ers & Raiders fan myself. I don’t watch much sports – basically just the Superbowl. I used to be more in it – but as I’ve grown older, not so much. 🙂


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