According to recent study released by the American Educational Research Association that after-school tutoring mandated by No Child Left Behind is not making the grade. The study reviewed tutoring practices in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. It seems that many children who are eligible for the programs do not attend. Also, some of the programs rely on worksheets instead of more hands on methods.

This is not the first problem reported the with “No Child Left Behind”. While the premise behind the law may be well intended, it has many problems. The law is concerned with meeting minimum standards. Anytime you teach to the lowest common standard or teach to a test the quality of education is lowered.

Instead of focusing on minimum skills in math and reading our educational system should be concerned with preparing students for life.

Article Source: USA Today

4 thoughts on “Federal Tutoring Failing Kids

  1. Part of the problem is the federal government is mandating many rules and programs for schools but it is not backing it up with the funds to pull off the requirements. Also, no one can make these kids go to tutoring after school and most kids are not going to go.


  2. No Child Left Behind destroyed our educational system. Teachers now teach so that children can pass specific government-mandated tests; and as a result, all of the children are cheated out of a quality education.

    It’s a terrible policy.


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