Federal Tutoring Failing Kids

According to recent study released by the American Educational Research Association that after-school tutoring mandated by No Child Left Behind is not making the grade. The study reviewed tutoring practices in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. It seems that many children who are eligible for the programs do not attend. Also, some of the programs … Continue reading Federal Tutoring Failing Kids

Update 2: On Myspace Hoax

Today, Lori Drew entered a non-guilty plea before a federal grand-jury in Los Angeles. Drew has finally been charged with something in a MySpace scam. Drew masterminded a scheme to humiliate 13-year old Megan Meier. Apparently, Drew was seeking revenge because Megan had terminated her friendship with Drew's daughter. As a result of this scam … Continue reading Update 2: On Myspace Hoax

Wacky News Item: Pot Vending Machine

Found another wacky news item on FoxNews.com.Yes, that is right a vending machine that dispenses marijuana. An inventor in Los Angeles has created a machine that dispenses medical marijuana. California is one of 11 states that allow medical use of marijuana. However, the federal government does not recognize the state laws. The machines were created … Continue reading Wacky News Item: Pot Vending Machine