DunceStupid Spammer

Usually I just delete spam but this one looked like I could have some fun with it. The spammer Jessy had left it as a comment on my Tribute To Tejas.

My best team o f MLB is The Texas Rangers. This why I always fallow their games especially whenever I have some time. I’m always trying not o miss any of their game and hear about the team’s news. But The Texas Rangers tickets get more pricy especially when there are some hot games. But, if we’re really good fans we should try not to be mean when we’re talking about a favourite teams. It’s not only the Rangers tickets that got pricy, but there are other major teams too, so the team needs our support and we should provide as much as we can.

The guy obviously didn’t read the original post. The only mention of Texas Rangers was about the real ones and not the baseball team. Oh, the post doesn’t mention any other baseball teams either. It is a lame attempt to advertise an on-line ticket broker.

Also, the guy has serious grammar issues. I think it might need some commas. You can read about my opinions on commas here. Yes, I wrote a post about commas and it isn’t an ode to them. I even found a spelling error without using spell check. Amazing isn’t it? Can you find the error?

This sentence. “But The Texas Rangers tickets get more pricy especially when there are some hot games.” Ok, I’m a lifelong Ranger fan but when are there games hot unless he is talking about the temperature.

Another Wacko

The other day I was at the front counter and noticed a strange little piece of paper on the bulletin board. We have a bulletin board where people can post posters, wants ads, etc. This little paper was barely bigger than a postage stamp but caught my eye because it a classic picture of an alien. At first I thought some goofball had posted it as a joke. Well, that was until I removed it and read it. The caption was Join the Delusion Resistance and contained a link to a website. Of course, I had to check it out. It seems the guy who runs is involved with UFO investigations and some sort of strange “prophetic ministry” involving UFOs and the end times. He actually listed taking high school science as part of his credentials. It was actually kind of amusing.

14 thoughts on “Stupid Spammer and Other Wackos

  1. Not to hijack your thread, but it turns out that the man who beat the toddler to death in front of witnesses (and was killed by a cop) did it because he thought the child was possessed by a demon. I updated it in the original thread.

    I’d be very interested to hear your input, since religion is your area of expertise.


  2. ENM,
    Yes, it is funny. I’ve been trying to figure out who left that thing in the store. I’ll check out that thread.


    I don’t usually, don’t get funny ones either.



    It just amazes me what these spammers will do to get a hit from their link. I have to give props to some as their comments are so general you’d think they were real (until you actually look at their viagra link to their comment name “Tom”).

    In studying Google SEO, I have found that the Google Bot (Search Engine) actually doesn’t even log your comments, so these spammers are actually wasting their time. The myth is so strong across the Internet : ” Commenting will get your sites url address high in the search engines “, it’s actually false according to Google SEO. What linking according to Google SEO will get you high into the search engine results is having people add your url to their Blogroll. The more popular the site you’re linked to, the more credit Google will give you.

    Anyways, I think my spam reply is long enough. 😉 Good post!


  4. Oh, there are many comments I leave but remove the link.

    Never thought commenting would rank you high in search engines or at least directly. I have found it helpful in building an audience for my blog. So indirectly if a blog becomes popular it might help.


  5. Dee:

    That is true, commenting does build up an audience, so it does help. Just not the way the naive spammers would like to think. lol.


    NP! 🙂


  6. I don’t like spam, because it is mystery meat. Dr. Science calls spam: scientifically-produced animal matter.


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