Question MarkRebecca tagged me for this one.

Rules of this tag:

  1. First, Link to whomever tagged you (i.e. I was referred by [name of friend/family member who tagged you] + a skill of theres that you highly recommend others to refer to [Writing, Sewing, Cooking, etc])
  2. List & link all your friends + their skill that you highly recommend in this format: “I recommend [friend/family member] for [skill (i.e. Cooking, Writing, Sewing, etc)]
  3. Sign off your list of friends/family members with your name linked to your blog.
  4. DO NOT delete previous tags of those on the list where you found your linked name. Copy & paste the entire Refer Meme (Refer Tag) and add your list and referrers name (linked) below previous list(s).

Rebecca recommends…

Amber for Interior Designing homes. She is AMAZING at finding deals and knowing what looks good with what.

Christine for tips and suggestions about London, England. She’s lived there for over 7 years and knows her way around town.

Claire for tips on cooking. Clark and I have had dinner with she and her husband on more than one occasion and her cooking is AMAZING! She cooks and bakes all the time, and knows her way around the kitchen.

Aubrey for great bargain deals on Candles and Home Decor. She runs her own business from home and sells some FABULOUS candles that smell GREAT!

Mike for tips on cooking and fixing anything around the house. He always shocks me on the things he knows about cooking and fixing household items. This guy does it all!

Joni for shopping tips. This girl KNOWS her way around any mall and department store. I went to Elementary and Jr. High School with her and even at 6 years old she knew trend and style. lol!

Sarah for movie scripts. Her husband writes and produces movies in Utah.

Carly for Photography. Absolutely STUNNING Photography! Right now she and her husband are down in South America and the photo’s she has taken are amazingly rich in color. Just visit her blog and you’ll see what I mean. The style and skill are of professional quality like National Geographic.

Dee for Tech-tips and Bible History. I love reading her blog on Technology trivia. Some posts are highly educational and others are just downright hilarious! She also knows her Bible history which some things I never knew, like the meaning of specific verses in Hebrew. Very Interesting to hear. )

Kristi for home wall decor. Ever heard of ‘Uppercase Living’? She sells those wall decor (lettering, design) decals that you can rub on your wall, like “Cooper Family” or “Families are Forever” , etc etc. Well anyways, her website is ‘Uppercase Living’ and you use this information to create your own designs and order:

[click on ‘create account’ and then later you’ll need the information below]

Demonstrator ID #: 248460
Registration Token: law

I know, and highly recommend the above individuals for their skill as listed.


I reccommend:

Alan: Alan is youth pastor and seminary student. He has a lot of great insights. Be sure to check out his piece about The Dog Park & Church.

Brad & Company: Great theology resources from a reformed perspective.

Chuck: I enjoy reading Chuck’s sermons and other writings.

ElfNinosMom: Elf’sMom is a professional writer much of her blog is about criminals especially the dumb kind.

Ellen: If you need a word of encouragement head over to Ellen’s blog. She is a gifted photographer and often posts some very inspirational pieces as well.

James: James is a friend of mine who pastors in Texas. He is has a lot of resources about theology and missions.

Rick: Rick is another one of my friends who is an excellent photographer. If you are in the OKC area and looking for a photographer Rick does great work.

Shane: One of our friend’s Shane has a great blog about a variety of subjects sports, religion, music and pop culture.


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