Have You Ever Meme

Question MarkEllen posted this one earlier today and it looked like fun.

Have you ever:

  • Gone on a blind date.
  • Skipped school
  • Watched someone die
  • Been to Canada
    Yes BC twice
  • Been to Mexico
    No, I’m probably the only Texan who hasn’t/
  • Been to Florida
    Live there
  • Been on a plane
    My favorite way to travel
  • Been lost
  • Been on the opposite side of the country
  • Been to the capital of your country
  • Swam in the ocean or waded
    Altantic, Pacific and the Gulf but that probably doesn’t count.
  • Cried yourself to sleep
  • Played cops and robber
  • Recently colored with crayons
  • Sang Karaoke Not in this lifetime
    No comment
  • Paid for a meal with coins only?
    Why yes I have. I once had a customer pay for his meal & tip with quarters it was about $30.
  • Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
  • Made prank phone calls
  • Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose.
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue.
    Maybe but since I am from Texas and live in Florida I probably haven’t done this.
  • Danced in the rain Walked
  • Written a letter to Santa Claus
    Sort of. My dad used to do Letters from Santa on the Radio. When I was around 10-12 I used to stick my own letter in the stack. Never got mine read on the air though.
  • Been kissed under the mistletoe
  • Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
    Yes, believe it or not I have actually been up that early ok maybe it was staying up that late.
  • Blown bubbles
  • Gone ice-skating
  • Been skinny dipping outdoors
  • Been out of North America
  • Been in detention
  • Regretted something you blogged
    not really; comments maybe

I won’t tag anyone but if you do it let me know so that I can come and read!

A Day in The Life of Meme …

PlannerI was tagged by Rebecca. This one didn’t really have any rules. I guess it is supposed to be my typical day but I’ve selected this past Thursday.

5:00 Am — Wake up and take a shower. Get dressed.

5:50 AM — Drive to the local airport.

6:10 AM — Arrive at the airport. Check in, go through security. Discover there are only vending machines and no change machines past security. I didn’t have enough change to get juice or water.

6:30 — Plane starts boarding.

7:10 or so — Plane leaves

8:10 — Arrive in ATL. Wait to get off plane, walk in to terminal. I’m on a puddle jumper so we actually get off on the tarmac and have to walk into the terminal. Get from terminal D to B. In the process have run ins or actually, I’m in their path, with 2 I’m more important than you business men.

The first almost knocks me over on the escalator and hits me in the face as he pushes past me on the escalator to get 3 steps ahead. Like that really helped him get anywhere faster.

Then on the tram I encounter “Mr. I’m more Important Than You #2”. The tram is already full & I’m holding on to the handle thing over my head. He pushes me out of the way and actually moves my hand off the strap. Telling me that he needs that. Gee, like I don’t. At the 1st stop he is standing to close to the door and we are delayed in starting until he moves. The ladies next to me move over & I move over so he can move. When I try to get off about 2 stops later he refuses to move. Someone else tells him to move so they can get off. I tell him that I need off. He then blocks the exit & informs me he isn’t moving. As I try to manuveer my way past him and by the 2 nice ladies who let me off I accidentally hit the guy with my backpack. Oh, well maybe the kindergarten flunkie will learn some manners.

I finally get to terminal B & discover my gate is very close to the food court aka shopping mall.The Hartsfield Airport could double as an upscale shopping mall. I get some breakfast. Find a Chinese place that serves a breakfast platter for under $3.00. It wasn’t bad.

9:30 AM — Plane begins boarding.

10:00 AM — Plane gets ready to leave.

11:00 AM — Pilot makes announcement we are about 15 minutes out. I attempt to go back to sleep but just as I dose off I’m awakened by turbulence. It was very windy that day. I find out later that the winds were 40-60 mph sustained winds. No there wasn’t a storm. Oh, I notice all the gas & oil wells that have popped up in the Metroplex. No, not everyone in Texas has an oil well in their backyard. Until recently drilling didn’t take place in urban areas.

11:20 AM — We finally land at DFW after a rough landing. The wind is so strong that the plane is swaying in the wind as we are waiting to disembark. Felt like I was on a boat. See comment above about the wind.

11:45 AM — Get to the baggage claim, find my family. Go to find my luggage and see my bag going past me. Some nice guys from the SMU basketball team stop it for me, guess the guys are good defensive players. Of course, it probably isn’t that hard to stop a bag on the luggage carousel. We head to the car and back to good ole Ft. Worth

12:45 PM — Drop JP off at work. Get some lunch — real Mexican food. Then we head over to Michaels to get some scrapbooking supplies so I can finish Kat’s memory book. She is going to use it on her table at the grad reception. Spend time vising with Mom & BC while I work on the book.

5:00 PM or so — We head over to Julie’s Fresh Kitchen for dinner. The cute little boy who used to follow his dad around in the restaurant is now a very tall teenager. Oh, yeah and a pretty good server as well. I was disappointed to learn that 2 of my favorites (broccoli & rice and chicken & dumplings) were served on Friday not Thursday.

After dinner — We head back to mom’s. BC has to go back home but it was a nice visit. I continue working on the book for Kat until I run out of tape.

After dark — We head over to SWBTS so I could get a picture of the rotunda. It was very windy. The wind kept knocking me over as I tried to take a picture. Look for pictures of the rotunda on a Sky Watch Friday.

10:30 — Went to bed.

I’m tagging you. Let me know if you decide to play along.

4 Things …

I was tagged by Rebecca. I tried to follow Rebecca’s lead and include pictures. Couldn’t do that for everything.
4 Things I was doing 10 years ago …
  1. Getting ready for a wedding. This year will be our 10th anniversary.
    The Big Guy & I
  2. Wondering if I will ever finish grad school. I did in 2000.
    Graduation from SWBTS May 2000
  3. Working in the computer lab at school.
    Computer Lab
  4. Studying a lot.
    Stack of books

4 Things I was doing 5 years ago …

  1. The Big Guy was looking at PhD programs.
    The Big Guy
  2. In Texas we had more than 30 straight days over 100 degrees by mid-June. Picture was taken in April so things are still green.
    Looking towards Granny\'s farm.
  3. Moving to Florida.
  4. Learned that things could be green in the summer.
    My Garden

4 Things I am doing this year …

  1. Working in a bookstore.
  2. Working with college/young adults at church.
  3. Joined a gym.
  4. Kat and Chief came for Spring Break
    The Big Guy, Kat, Chief

4 Things I did yesterday …

  1. Did the laundry
  2. Worked
  3. Went to the grocery store
  4. Cleaned the bedroom.

4 Shows I like

  1. Monk
  2. The Closer
  3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  4. Law and Order

4 Biggest joys of the moment…

  1. Spending time with The Big Guy
    The Big Guy and I
  2. Family
    Christmas 2004
  3. Texas in spring time.
    Bluebonnets in front of Blueridge Church
  4. A day at the beach.
    St Augustine Beach

Now I tag…

Refer Meme (Refer Tag)

Question MarkRebecca tagged me for this one.

Rules of this tag:

  1. First, Link to whomever tagged you (i.e. I was referred by [name of friend/family member who tagged you] + a skill of theres that you highly recommend others to refer to [Writing, Sewing, Cooking, etc])
  2. List & link all your friends + their skill that you highly recommend in this format: “I recommend [friend/family member] for [skill (i.e. Cooking, Writing, Sewing, etc)]
  3. Sign off your list of friends/family members with your name linked to your blog.
  4. DO NOT delete previous tags of those on the list where you found your linked name. Copy & paste the entire Refer Meme (Refer Tag) and add your list and referrers name (linked) below previous list(s).

Rebecca recommends…

Amber for Interior Designing homes. She is AMAZING at finding deals and knowing what looks good with what.

Christine for tips and suggestions about London, England. She’s lived there for over 7 years and knows her way around town.

Claire for tips on cooking. Clark and I have had dinner with she and her husband on more than one occasion and her cooking is AMAZING! She cooks and bakes all the time, and knows her way around the kitchen.

Aubrey for great bargain deals on Candles and Home Decor. She runs her own business from home and sells some FABULOUS candles that smell GREAT!

Mike for tips on cooking and fixing anything around the house. He always shocks me on the things he knows about cooking and fixing household items. This guy does it all!

Joni for shopping tips. This girl KNOWS her way around any mall and department store. I went to Elementary and Jr. High School with her and even at 6 years old she knew trend and style. lol!

Sarah for movie scripts. Her husband writes and produces movies in Utah.

Carly for Photography. Absolutely STUNNING Photography! Right now she and her husband are down in South America and the photo’s she has taken are amazingly rich in color. Just visit her blog and you’ll see what I mean. The style and skill are of professional quality like National Geographic.

Dee for Tech-tips and Bible History. I love reading her blog on Technology trivia. Some posts are highly educational and others are just downright hilarious! She also knows her Bible history which some things I never knew, like the meaning of specific verses in Hebrew. Very Interesting to hear. )

Kristi for home wall decor. Ever heard of ‘Uppercase Living’? She sells those wall decor (lettering, design) decals that you can rub on your wall, like “Cooper Family” or “Families are Forever” , etc etc. Well anyways, her website is ‘Uppercase Living’ and you use this information to create your own designs and order:

[click on ‘create account’ and then later you’ll need the information below]

Demonstrator ID #: 248460
Registration Token: law

I know, and highly recommend the above individuals for their skill as listed.


I reccommend:

Alan: Alan is youth pastor and seminary student. He has a lot of great insights. Be sure to check out his piece about The Dog Park & Church.

Brad & Company: Great theology resources from a reformed perspective.

Chuck: I enjoy reading Chuck’s sermons and other writings.

ElfNinosMom: Elf’sMom is a professional writer much of her blog is about criminals especially the dumb kind.

Ellen: If you need a word of encouragement head over to Ellen’s blog. She is a gifted photographer and often posts some very inspirational pieces as well.

James: James is a friend of mine who pastors in Texas. He is has a lot of resources about theology and missions.

Rick: Rick is another one of my friends who is an excellent photographer. If you are in the OKC area and looking for a photographer Rick does great work.

Shane: One of our friend’s Shane has a great blog about a variety of subjects sports, religion, music and pop culture.


If you were tagged [above], copy and paste from the beginning of this post and then add your referrals in this area. Also, include this text at the bottom of your tag(meme) so others can do the same.

Also, if you were not tagged – but would like to use this format of tagging. Please include the text & links above and link to the name and site of tagging(meme) format text you received from.

The Big Guy


I was tagged by Rebecca.

What is his name?: The Big Guy

How long have we been married?: 9 yrs 3 mos

How long did we date?: 1 yr. Although we ate lunch together for a semester before dating.

How old is he?: 32

Who eats more?: Nate

Who said I love you first?: He did

Who is taller?: The big guy

Who sings better?: Me

Who is smarter?: Tie

Who’s temper is worse?: Mine

Who pays the bills?: The Big Guy

Who does laundry?: Both of us

Who cooks dinner?: I cook. Nate calls for pizza.

Who drives when we are together?: He does

Who is more stubborn?: Me

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?: The Big Guy

Who’s parents do you see more?: We live a long distance our families. This past year we saw my mom more because she came out to see us.

Who has more friends?: He does. I have a few very close friends.

Who wears the pants in the family?: The Big Guy. I prefer shorts. The Big Guy makes a lot of decision but there are things I have more say in. Of course I make my voice heard when I really want too.

Who eats more sweets?: Both

Who mows the lawn?: The condo association.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?: It depends. From the head of the bed me but from the foot of the bed The Big Guy.

Who asked who out first?: The Big Guy

Who kissed who first?: The Big Guy

What’s my favorite thing about him?: His sense of humor, intelligence, beautiful blue eyes.

Ok Blog Friends (Alan , Chuck & Ellen)& Readers, you’re ALL tagged!