Passion LogoThis weekend we went with the college students from our church to the regional Passion conference in Atlanta. You can read about the Atlanta Conference on the Passion blog.

It was an amazing experience and I haven’t had time to process it all yet. I’m sure I will post more later. In a nutshell here is what I gleaned from the conference: It is not about me but rather bringing fame (glory) to God.

The speakers were Louie Giglio & Francis Chan both were great. Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and Charlie Hall provided the music. More about them will follow soon. The almost 10,000 students in Atlanta raised enough money to provide water wells for 11 African villages and collected thousands of towels and socks for the homeless in the Atlanta Area. Passion works with Blood:water Mission to provide water for African Villages. For a taste of what we experienced at Passion check out and read Ashely’s story (2nd entry on the page).

Have a blessed evening.


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