Note: This is the new, improved, updated, full-color version of Spring Break Day 3 with pictures.

Today got off to a little later start. Started with a breakfast of multi-grain pancake, I’ll post the recipe later. Then we loaded up the Princess Crusier (PT Cruiser) and headed to St Augustine.

The Princes Cruiser, ready for fun.

After dropping our stuff off at the resort we headed to St. Augustine Beach & Beach A1A.

Grande Villas at World Golf Village

Ate lunch at one of our favorite beach side places, Beach Combers. Then it was down to the beach for some fun. It was very windy, haven’t seen that much blowing sand since living in west Texas.


Took this of Kat while we were waiting for a table.


The Big Guy & Chief waiting for lunch.

Chief hanging on the beach.
Kat on the beach.
The Big Guy waving at the camera.
Really big waves. Look at those waves.
More waves

The wind had really blown away a lot of the beach today. Usually, the beach is white. That much blowing sand made me feel like I was back in west Texas. Ok, at least until I saw the water.


That night we headed back to resort. The Big Guy & the kids went to the pool while I cooked dinner. After seeing the pool Chief decided that he wanted spend the next day hanging out at the resort.

The Big Guy likes the waterfall.

7 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 3 — Now With Pictures!

  1. Actually is was kind of chilly Thursday. The breeze from the ocean was blowing in.

    I use Corel Paint Shop Pro XI. I really like PSP better than Photoshop. I used a picture frame.


  2. I have friends in design career paths who use the graphics softwares, but it seems kind of difficult (learning curve). I didn’t know you could use it to frame stuff!

    I shall have to rip said software from them…


  3. Paperdreamer,

    PSP is similar to Photoshop but cheaper & easier. The full-version cost about the same as the limited photoshop. I used it when I taught elementary – high school computer classes. The frames are all automatic now with PSP X2 not like the old PSP 4


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