Yesterday, my wonderful husband, (yes, he is looking over my shoulder) found the  “Star Wars Help Desk” on YouTube. As someone who has worked help desk/customer service I find it very funny.


Runner Up: I was working technical support for an Internet company back in the olden days of dial-up. One day, I received an a call from an irate customer. She was upset that her computer could not connect to the Internet. The customer was calling on her cell phone, so I had her go through the connection process but she kept receiving a message saying no dial-tone. She insisted that the phone line was connected and proceeded  to berate me for insinuating she was stupid. I decided that it might be prudent to switch to a speaker phone. So, I asked her if she could plug a phone into that line and get a dial tone.  After discovering there was no dial-tone, she informed me that it was strange, because the phone in the other room was not working. I inquired how many lines the lady had at her home. It took me a while to get an answer; apparently, she did not understand that the number of phones in one’s house is not equal to the number of phone lines. Guess what, this chick had only one phone line. While this is going on my boss was on the phone with the phone company. It seems there was a service outage in her neighborhood due to a squirrel eating through the phone lines.  My attempts to explain the situation were met with even more angry outbursts. The customer wanted me to kill all of the squirrels in her neighborhood. 

And the Winner is: I worked in the computer lab at graduate school, and I had an incompetent co-worker who knew nothing about computer support or customer service. He was manning the help desk one day, and the genious told a student that it was impossible to delete files from a disk. I find it ironic that he was working the help desk and  I have taught first graders who how to delete files from disks. It is also interesting that I was supposed to work the help desk, but he was lazy and decided it would be easier to work at the help desk. He asked me if it was possible to delete a file without erasing the entire disk. I told him to go to Windows Explorer or File Manager. Instead, he opened up Internet Explorer, yep he thought it was the same program. While I helped the first student, he attempted to help another student. The student wanted to find a file that would not open up in Microsoft Word, because it was not a Word file. I told the co-worker to use *.*, but he had never heard of that. He couldn’t find the star or dot keys. Somehow this dude lost his job for tardiness not  incompetentence.

4 thoughts on “ID10T Errors

  1. Dee, you sound like my son, he was in techie support for years. He is in IBM software development at present. Some of his tales are crying funny! I liked yours! You gave me a laugh today, as well. Thanks, Milly @ attitude


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