Yesterday, I posted a list of bands I’ve seen in concert. Found some pictures of bands/concerts.


Taken with one of the guys from Caedmon’s Call. The bookstore where we work sponsored the concert, so we got to go backstage.


We got to see Casting Crowns when they were touring with Steven Curtis Chapman and Chris Tomlin.


Somehow The Big Guy got tickets to the concert and a meet and greet from one of the record company reps.


Taken with Trip Lee, one of the Cross Movement guys. I know the quality on this one is bad, it was taken with a cell phone.


I took these the night Flatfoot 56 stopped by the store.

3 thoughts on “Concerts Part II

  1. Cool pics! I’ve got some pics of me with Grand Funk Railroad and Weird Al (not at the same time, LOL) somewhere on this laptop, maybe I should post them sometime.

    I have one really cute one of Elf when he was about 12, with Weird Al (and a strange but funny story about how I got him backstage). Weird Al didn’t realize that Elf was giving him bunny ears, it’s really cute. I have pictures of him with Weird Al’s band, too. They’re really great guys, and went out of their way to spend some quality “goofing around” time with Elf. 🙂


  2. Cool.

    Several years ago we saw a feature on VH1 about Wierd Al. He was talking about is career crashing in the 90’s I guess. During that time he had a really bad coke habit. …… Yep, he was up to 2-3 six-packs of diet coke a day.


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