Sky Watch Friday: At-At

Last fall the Big Guy and I visited Walt Disney World (Florida).  We decided to visit Disney one more time before we moved back out-of-state.  In Disney's Hollywood Studio there is a life-size At-At located near the Star Tours ride. I took this with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S6. Check out The Sky … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: At-At

Stars Wars: What’s the Big Deal?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock in a galaxy far, far away you are probably aware that Stars Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode 7) opened yesterday. Surprisingly, I've heard, read or had conversations lately with several people who just don't get what the deal with Star Wars. Of course, if you are Gen … Continue reading Stars Wars: What’s the Big Deal?

Mr. President, Jedi and Vulcans

By now you've heard that congress has once again failed to solve the budget crises. When I saw the president's response on the evening news I was literally yelling at the TV. The Big Guy found the entire thing amusing.  He suggested it would make a good blog piece.   After watching this I'm sure … Continue reading Mr. President, Jedi and Vulcans

Top 10: My Dream Music Festival

Regular readers have probably figured out that I love music. Over the years I have been able to attend several concerts. I  have often thought of bands/artists that would be included in my ideal music festival. The best word to describe my line up is eclectic. #10: Dennis Agajanian - Not much of a country/bluegrass … Continue reading Top 10: My Dream Music Festival