It’s Complicated

As I was digging through TDZ archives I found a video I posted of Dancing In the Minefield's by Andrew Peterson. The imagery of dancing in a minefield triggered something else in my chaotic ADHD brain -- one of the relationship options on Facebook is "It's complicated." I don't profess to be a relationship expert, … Continue reading It’s Complicated

Thoughts on Marriage

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or on Mars you have probably heard about the Sumpreme Court's ruling in support of same-sex marriage last week. In the past week I've read a lot both in favor and against it. The reaction by Christian's on both sides has been interesting. Personally, I've spent some … Continue reading Thoughts on Marriage

More Than One Day

So if case you haven't figured out today is Valentine's Day.  Valentine's has become a day reserved for romance and love.I've been asked several times if the Big Guy has huge plans for tonight or what he is getting me for Valentine's Day. Really, I don't care if the Big Guy has some sort of … Continue reading More Than One Day

Top 10: Top Posts for 2010

It is time for my annual list of the most popular posts for the years. All posts were posted this year.  I re-posted videos for posts that features just a video.  Three of the most popular posts for the year featured videos. Another trend was that three Top 10 lists were among the most popular … Continue reading Top 10: Top Posts for 2010