More Than One Day

So if case you haven’t figured out today is Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s has become a day reserved for romance and love.I’ve been asked several times if the Big Guy has huge plans for tonight or what he is getting me for Valentine’s Day. Really, I don’t care if the Big Guy has some sort of big plans for the night and he has already given me the perfect Valentine’s gift or at least for me. What I do care about is that we spend time together. It isn’t about the amount of money that is spent but rather the time invested in our relationship.

Real love isn’t measured by the amount of money spent one day of the year. Marriage takes the kind of love that is willing to work through hard times, delights in the small things and puts the other person first.  Valentine’s day is just one day of the year. Marriage lasts or should last for decades. Marriage is made of many days some good and some not so good. I want today to be one of those good days.

Dancing In The Minefields by Andrew Peterson

Author: TheDeeZone

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