What Where They Thinking

Tanya McDowell, a homeless mom from Norwalk, Connecticut was charged with felony larceny for stealing $16,000 worth of education for her son.  When McDowell enrolled her 5-year-old in Norwalk's Brookside Elementary School. McDowell stayed at a shelter in nearby Bridgeport. If convicted McDowell faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $15,000. … Continue reading What Where They Thinking

Power of Prayer

Angela Montez, a clerk at an Indianapolis Advance America, has been getting a lot of media attention for her response to an armed robber.  Montez began praying and witnessing to would be robber Gregory L.  Smith. Smith an ex-serviceman and unemployed AC repairman had turned to robbery out of desperation. He and his family were … Continue reading Power of Prayer

For Your Consideration

I read several blogs and have felt that several in the past few weeks are worthy of sharing. My friend Shane has been promoting a program that will help feed  the homeless in Rochester, NY.  For just $2.05 you can provide a meal. I have read a lot recently about the church becoming irrelevant in … Continue reading For Your Consideration