Review: Lipham Music

Update the snooty too big to fail Lipham's has closed. BTW, they were closed for over a year before I noticed they were gone. Hmm.. Lipham music claims to be Gainesville, Florida's #1 and largest music store. I'm not sure what their claim to be number is based upon. It certainly is not customer service. … Continue reading Review: Lipham Music

Restaurant Review: Calico Jacks

Update 7/24/2015 -- Thankfully CJ's closed a few years ago. Oh and the 2 places that followed it are also closed.   My rule for reviews is that I only review the things I like. However my  recent experience at Calico Jack's in Gainesville, Florida is an exception to that rule. We were part of … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Calico Jacks

Top 10: Top Posts for 2010

It is time for my annual list of the most popular posts for the years. All posts were posted this year.  I re-posted videos for posts that features just a video.  Three of the most popular posts for the year featured videos. Another trend was that three Top 10 lists were among the most popular … Continue reading Top 10: Top Posts for 2010