Update 7/24/2015 — Thankfully CJ’s closed a few years ago. Oh and the 2 places that followed it are also closed.


My rule for reviews is that I only review the things I like. However my  recent experience at Calico Jack’s in Gainesville, Florida is an exception to that rule.

We were part of a group of 30+ that had reserved a room a couple of weeks in advance.  The room was at the back of the restaurant and there was no working AC.  So, it was definitely hot.There was one server for the group. Our orders were taken around 7:30. Food did not begin arriving until after 8:30. Then it arrived in parts. My husband got his entrée with no sides. Someone else ordered black beans and rice that arrived without rice. Seriously how do you forget one of the main ingredients in a dish.  My food didn’t arrive until 9 and it was cold. Also only a few people were given silverware. At 9:30 many people still hadn’t receive any food.  In her defense the  server was friendly but over worked.

That night CJ’s had  less than a 100 guests. We were easily 1/3 to 1/2 of their business. Apparently, they were not even concerned about getting our food much less getting the orders right. Also, there was no attempt to make compensation for the lack of service. I’m really not surprised at what happened. We stopped going there about 2 years ago because of bad service and other problems.

  • Service: The server tried.
  • Atmosphere: The place is a dive restaurant/bar that is completely run down. The AC doesn’t work. It looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a year.
  • Food: Hit or miss
  • Overall:  What is worse than horrendous?

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