Update the snooty too big to fail Lipham’s has closed. BTW, they were closed for over a year before I noticed they were gone. Hmm..

Lipham music claims to be Gainesville, Florida’s #1 and largest music store.

I’m not sure what their claim to be number is based upon. It certainly is not customer service. All three times I visited Liphams I was ignored. When I asked for assistance the clerk glared at me and then proceeded to offer assistance to a male customer instead. On my last visit, the staff never acknowledged my presence. However they where quick to greet the male customers who entered the store before me. Not only did the all male staff ignore me they blocked my path as I attempted to navigate the store. As I was leaving commented about ignoring potential customers. The clerk responded I didn’t know you were a customer. Well, gee I walked in the store looked through the music selection and even attempted to look at the guitars.

One customer attempted to get me to stay. His reasoning was that Liphams was my only option in this town. I mentioned the other store in town. He gave some lame excuse about the other store’s limited selection. I responded that I would  not patronize any store that openly practices gender discrimination. The customer told me that  I was looking at the guitars not the pianos what did I expect. Oh, so women can only play pianos and not guitars. Hmm… let me think about that. No, I will not be returning to that store.

As for the claim that Liphams is the largest music store in Gainesville, Florida. Well Gainesville isn’t a large city with only two music stores that isn’t saying much. Lipham’s store is physically bigger than their competitor, Hoggtowne Music. Hoggtowne certainly has a better selection of music. They may have more guitars. Unlike Lipham’s Hoggtowne has a staff that is knowledgeable, considerate and eager to assist customers.

My recommendation is to boycott Lipham’s Music. Their staff openly practices gender discrimination.



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