Read an interesting op-ed piece about the high drop out rate in the United States. According to this piece, the U.S. high school system is out of date and does not prepare students for life. Students graduate without basic skills and even basic knowledge of historical facts. It is one more piece attacking our public … Continue reading Clueless?

Remembering Miss Cul

My alma-mater, Hardin-Simmons University has lost a legend and one of its most loyal alumna and supporters. Miss Aileen Culpepper or Miss Cul as she was known to generations of students served as dorm director for more than 40 years. Miss Cul graduated from HSU in 1938 and returned to the 40 Acres in the … Continue reading Remembering Miss Cul

Educational Benefits of Community Service

Colleges, scholarships and an increasing number of high schools require students to have community service. Community service is a great way to develop character and responsibility. Community service projects are also a great way to provide practical learning opportunities. Community service can include everything from activism for a cause such as the environment, a recycling … Continue reading Educational Benefits of Community Service

Distance Learning: A Substitute for College

Can distance learning be a substitute for college? The answer is both yes and no.Yes it is possible to get a quality education through an on-line institution. Many respected colleges have been offering distance learning for years. In fact the classes may be a duplicate of what is taught in a traditional college setting.However it … Continue reading Distance Learning: A Substitute for College