Reader Request: Buttermilk Pie

This weekend I had a request from Polly, a regular reader for my Buttermilk Pie Recipe. Buttermilk Pie 1/2 C Butter or margarine 2 C Sugar 3 eggs 3 rounded T. Flour 1 C buttermilk Dash of Nutmeg ( I prefer fresh grated nutmeg) Cream together butter & sugar. In another bowl beat eggs and … Continue reading Reader Request: Buttermilk Pie

Pi Day: Thursday Edition

In my opinion one of the most important parts of making a good pie is the crust. For some reason many people think that pie crusts are too hard or too time consuming to make. Really, making a good crust is not that hard. Our family has a pie crust recipe that has been passed … Continue reading Pi Day: Thursday Edition

Pi Day: Wednesday Edition

I read something last week in Cooking Light that this coming Friday (3/14) is Pi day and they are encouraging readers to make a pie in honor of pie day. I have decided to post something each day until Friday in honor of Pi Day. Today I am sharing a recipe for Fried Pies or … Continue reading Pi Day: Wednesday Edition