TDZ Retrospective: Funny Preacher Stories

Originally Posted July 6, 2007 My granddad was a preacher. Actually he was my great-granddad. Granddad had a great sense of humor. Mealtimes were quite enjoyable especially when Granddad started telling stories. He had quite a collection of funny preacher stories. Usually his stories involved rookie preachers. By this time he had been a preacher … Continue reading TDZ Retrospective: Funny Preacher Stories

Throwback Thursday: Granddaddy C

As a child, I enjoyed spending time with my Granddaddy C. He was my hero. Even though he died shortly before my 10th birthday, I was able to spend a lot of time with him. During my preschool years, I was able to spend a week with my grandparents every couple of months or so. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Granddaddy C

Throwback Thursday: Polly

Pollyanna was one of our dogs when I was a child.  Polly was part beagle but thought she was human. "Polly  & Her People" -- Granddaddy C. , me Popi and Polly. Kind of stereo typical Texans in  cowboy hats. Ok, my dad wasn't really a Texan. He was an Okie but lived in Texas … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Polly

Throwback Thursday: May 31, 1959

Note: Originally Posted June 1, 2008. This is has always been one of my favorite picture in my parents' wedding album.  I have always thought they looked so cool in this picture. As a teenager, I would look at this and wonder what happened to my parents, they used to be cool. Now I understand, … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: May 31, 1959